Hematology analyzer
  • The best for small- and medium sized laboratories
  • Ideal for pediatric use
  • Special mode for POC
  • Smallest reagent consumption
  • Capillary measurement
V-Counter Hematology analyzer

New generation of hematology analyzers

Hematology analyzers are commonly used in clinical laboratories, allowing easier blood count procedure and more accurate results. With new technologies you save reagents and get accurate results by using a compact device with handy controls.

Vision V-Counter operates based on microfluidic technology. As a result, it uses 80% less reagents than traditional hematology analyzers. This compact device takes as much desk space as an A4 paper sheet.

Hematology analysis with lowest reagents consumption

V-Counter Hematology analyzer
  •  Automated hematology analyzer for 26 parameters, including a 3-part differential
  •  Throughput of up to 60 samples/hour
  •  The instrument aspirates < 10 μl of whole blood
  •  External sampling for open vials
  •  Sampling needle and internal mixer for closed vials
  •  10" high resolution touch screen user interface
  •  Special mode for POC
  •  Capillary measurement

Ideal for pediatric use

Vision V-Counter Ideal for pediatric use

CBC measurement can be done by a < 10 μL sample but actually uses < 3 μl. This is very useful for infant examination where venous blood is difficult to collect.

Operating with any type of open and closed test-tubes

V-Counter operates with any type of closed and open EDTA test-tubes

V-Counter® operates with any type of closed (1) and open (2) EDTA test-tubes available in the market.

Set options

V-Counter® + принтер

V-Counter + printer

Receive analysis results in a convenient form.

V-Counter® PC Analyzer

V-Counter PC Analyzer

The results are automatically transferred to your PC.

You may print report, save it on PC or send it by e-mail.

V-Counter® Integro

V-Counter Integro

Integrated solution for a complete blood count.

Combines analysis results from hematology analyzer and blood cell morphology from Vision Hema® imaging analyzer.


Parameters WBC, LYM, MID, GRN, LYM%, MID%, GRN%, HGB, RBC, HCT, MCV, RDW(sd,cv), MCH, MCHC, PLT, MPV, PCT, PDW(sd,cv), P-LCR, P-LCC, LPCR*, LPCR%*, LYMi*, NLR*
Histograms WBC, RBC, PLT
Measurement technology volumetric impedance measurement combined with microfluidic technology
Sample volume < 10 μl whole blood (with EDTA) (open tube sampling mode)
Throughput — open vial mode — 45 tests / hour
— closed vial mode — 60 tests / hour
Precision (CV, max) WBC < 3 %, RBC < 2 %, MCV < 1 %, HGB < 2 %, PLT < 5 %
User interface LCD, 10", 1280x800 with capacitive touchscreen, portrait
Dimensions (HxWxD) 263×206×313 mm
Weight < 10 kg
Power 12 V, 5 A
Power consumption maximum 45 W
Reagents consumtion / test — open vial mode — isotonic diluents: 5.5 ml; lyse: 1.0 ml; system solution: 2.0 ml
— closed vial mode — isotonic diluents: 5.5 ml; lyse: 1.0 ml; system solution: 0.8 ml
Vision CBC® software — automatic transfer of results from the hematology analyzer and entry into report
— database management
— automatic management of data statistics
— blood analysis reports. Customizable guide to generate reports according to your personal requirements
— remote access and data exchange with LIS/HIS
Available reagents isotonic diluents solution (10 L), isotonic diluents solution (20 L), lysing solution (1 L), system solution (5 L), cleaning solution (test-tube 4 ml)
Available hematology blood control low level, normal level, high level (1 vials of 2.5 ml)

*available for V-Counter® PC Analyzer only

The best for small- and medium sized laboratories